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2019 Ford Ranger Leads to SEMA

F words have more than 150 performance parts and accessories available for new Ranger when sold early next year. To…

F words have more than 150 performance parts and accessories available for new Ranger when sold early next year. To preview these offers, the automaker presents seven custom Rangers before this year’s SEMA show in Las Vegas.

Ford Performance Runner Pre-Runner

This 2019 Ford Ranger is designed for scout tracks and features a 3-inch leveling kit with off-road shocks and BDS monitoring arm. It has Ranger’s FX4 terrain package, which includes exposed tow hooks, terrain-rescheduled suspension, various terrain modes and some other updates. There is also a Ford Performance differential spreader and differential tire. Ford did not forget the importance of lighting; It added a 40-inch candle bar, a white-headed candle, amber headlamp and a hinged-mounted rear light.

Ranger Base Camp Ranger Base Camp

Just like Pre-Runner, Ranger Base Camp receives the off-road package, three-inch offset betting kit with off-road shocks, BDS Suspension Army and other similar updates. Of course, the biggest difference is the giant tent behind it. The model also accepts a awning, a truck’s load handling system and bedside lamp.

An A-pillar snorkel helps the engine to breathe and there is also a differential protection. Round-out updates include special front and rear shock absorbers, fire protection and 18-inch terrain tires around black wheels with silver and orange accents.

Xbox Ranger from Addictive Desert Designs

Do not be fooled by the outside; This truck (shown above) is as much nerd as it is off-roader. It has Xbox One X consoles mounted behind the rear and 42 “high-resolution external monitors so that users can play from the bed on the truck. In addition, it has an Xbox theme cover and lighting.

The truck is prepared for serious off-roading thanks to its monitoring arms and six-inch lift. To add performance upgrades, Fox’s 2.5-inch coil front and rear, shock absorber and rear end differential ski plate kit and 17-inch wheels wrapped around mud terrain tires. Just like the other six Ranger concepts, it becomes a cat rest. Also look for special front and rear stopers and sidestep.

Baja-Forged Ranger of LGE * CTS Motorsports

This military-themed Ranger sports an army green color scheme with bronze accents. These accents are available on 17-inch wheels, mirror hats, hood and even inside the cabin. For improved off-road performance, this Ranger features a front and rear tubular bumper, a Pro Eagle jacket cage, mountain rail and fender fleet as well as a mid-wheel suspension and lift. A differential protection is also included. Like some of the other concepts, it gets special lighting. On this model, it includes a roof mounted candle bar and chase tail lights.

Project Ranger X from BDS Suspension

Project Ranger X continues the offroad theme, on its own. It has a custom long-bed conversion on a 136-inch wheelbase, as well as a toolbox for storage of tools and recycling equipment. Combined with a six-inch lift lifter with upper control arms, extended rear axle, rear airbag and 17-inch terrain wheels with clay terrain tires, the model has custom tailor-made cutting slides and complete sub-platforms.

Airdesign USA Ranger

We are sure that this Ranger is very capable as the rest of the concepts, but all we can focus on is its big fender spots. These succeed in getting the model’s 20-inch black wheels to work quite small. Supplementary damper flanges are door lock profiles, damper flanges, tailgate spoiler and a prominent hood bucket.

Not all terrain fittings, but it has BDS suspension monitoring arms and special DSC coils and back rear shocks. There will also be rough 33-inch terrain wheels.

Project Nightfall

In addition to its bold exterior, this Ranger gets custom shock absorbers, special sidesteg, fenderflares and an A.R.E. truck cabinet and roof rack and bicycle rack. It has a BDS suspension monitoring arm, a 3-inch leveling radar with a terrain shock, a load lift and 20 inch wheels that match the outer shell. There is a bedside compartment for easier loading.

SEMA Show runs from October 30 to November 2 in the Las Vegas Convention Center. Meanwhile, check out Mustangs and SUVs Ford will also show on the show.

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