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2019 Audi R8 provides updated bodywork, more power and improved handling

Image: All images Courtesy Audi Audi's high performance super car enters 201 9 with a new look, an updated suspension…

Image: All images Courtesy Audi

Audi’s high performance super car enters 201

9 with a new look, an updated suspension kit and a little more power. Audi says that the more sporty look comes from their R8 GT3 and GT4 rated racing cars. The new updates will be available in Europe as a coupe or a Spyder in early 2019, available for order now. Two different power values ​​will be available from different songs of the same V10 engine, reflecting the current models R8 and R8 V10 +.

While Audi has not released information about what these power outputs may be for the two models, the R8 provides 532 horsepower, while the V10 + model produces 602, and it is safe to assume both numbers are pumped up a bit to keep up with supercar horsepower that dominates this market. In order to prepare more power, Audi has updated the V10’s dry sewage system to keep the oil pumping over 1.5 pages G.

The suspension and four-wheel drive system has been updated with additional sensors and parameters to take into account dry, wet and snowy conditions. New control modes are claimed to be set for response and feedback, which is something we usually want. With new programming in the ESC, Audi claims that the top model will brake from 62 mph almost 5 foot shorter and 16.4 foot shorter from 124 mph.

Special focus has been paid on the car weight, because Audi has removed a few grams from everywhere they can. The front turntable is made of carbon and aluminum, for example, cutting the weight of one part with 4.4 pounds.

There are a selection of two new wheel designs, a standard 19 inch and an easy 20 inch option with a “five-V” design.

The new design is, indeed, not all that differs from the outgoing model. There are some new wheels, different fascia and rocker caps. In some way, these minimal changes have been compared to a much more angry and aggressive appearance R8. When Audi comes around to release the new horsepower figures, we get a better idea of ​​whether this car can continue to compete in the increasingly competitive segment.

Back when the R8 was launched in 2006, it was basically the only non-911 that fits into the “Daily Super Car” bill, but as other super cars have matured, now it needs to make even bigger steps – like this aggressive image to stand out Has Audi done enough?

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