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2018 NFL Trade Deadline Winner, Loser: Jon Gruden, Carson Wentz is the biggest winner

October 31, 2018 Sports 2 Views The trade limit for the 2018 NFL came and went and it took a…

The trade limit for the 2018 NFL came and went and it took a thunder and broke past any previous trading deadline we have ever seen. There was a flurry of deals late and a lot of big names moved all day.

There is another era for NFL governance in terms of trade disputes. Front offices are not afraid to sacrifice choices for veterans who potentially can make a difference. Lay above or around. 500 see the landscape and understand how much parity there is in the league right now. Even with some good teams, most can make a deep jump in the afterseason with a sniff of crime and a decent quarterback.

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With that in mind, we will look at some of the aggressive movements during this time and break down some winners and losers.

You can check out our full trading deadlines here for each individual move and shout at Twitter @ WillBrinson with any questions or complaints. Also check out and check out our full summary of all features made with CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora and Sr. Fantasy Analyst Dave Richard on Post Deadline edition of Pick Six Podcast.


Jon Gruden

Did not see this coming, but here we are. Look around the landscape of NFL after the trading deadline and it is clear that a club got more in return than anyone else out there, and that was Raiders. The fire secured two first rounds for Khalil Mack before the season and then landed another in return when he sent Amari Cooper to Dallas. Nobody expected Raiders to take a first round choice as opposed to Cooper – it was by far the biggest deadline-week haul – but Gruden managed to extract serious value from the cowboys. It is clear that Raiders are planning Vegas and Gruden to pick up to make business worthwhile, but credit him to plunge the franchise with five first rounds over the next two years.

Carson Wentz

] Eagles quarterback plays some really good football so far this year and he just got the best value acquisition at the deadline in the form of Golden Tate. It’s nice to work for a GM who is willing to aggressively make movements and add talent in usually unconventional ways. Wentz is in the form of Howie Roseman, who has acquired Jay Ajayi and Tate in the last two seasons at the deadline to help his young quarterback. Tate has caught 63 percent of the passport threw his way this year, but it’s actually his lowest sum since 2011. Perhaps that’s why Lions was willing to send him packing. Tate is a free agent after the 2018 season, so he could certainly be an eight-game lease. But Tate is only 30 and should be repaid in free agency, which means that the eagles should get a third or fourth round of compensation in return in the worst case in 2020.

Courtland Sutton

Demaryius departure Thomas means that Sutton will slip into a starter for Broncos and more than anyone else, he will see a significant bump in the form of snaps. Sutton already has an average of 19.1 meters per catch on its 17 catches this season, although he only has a capture rate of 45.9 percent. He should see a spike in the speed with a dip in terms per meter while playing more snaps (although it is worth noting that he has 376 in the season, 69 percent worth while Thomas was out for only 74 percent of Broncos snaps ) and will have the chance to blink his skill now, instead of waiting until Broncos is different with Thomas this offseason. Worth noting: Broncos gets a big victory here to act as if they are doing Thomas a favor by trading him as a challenger and honoring him next week when he returns with the Texans, instead of unpleasing him the coming offseason.

Washington Redskins

Redskins is a surprising leader in the NFC East when we make the season’s semi-tournament, and this is largely due to their impressive defensive performance. Washington climbs the DVOA rankings (currently 14th) and was already ninth to pass before introducing a legitimate launcher in Packers’s Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix in a deadline deal on Tuesday. Clinton-Dix is ​​basically a game of eight games, unless Redskins wants to write him for a longer deal (or franchise take him), but it’s a worthwhile game for Washington at just the cost of a fourth round pick . Clinton-Dix, D.J. Swearinger, Quincy Dunbar and Josh Norman give them a formidable second to match the stout defensive line. Varson’s defense is a device to be included.

Le Bell Veon Bell

Bell did not necessarily increase its value through the trading deadline, but he controlled his fate when he was going to play 2018 (assuming he is playing). Steelers wanted to move Bell to get the value in return to run back on the way to a free agency, but they could not trade Bell if he did not enter and sign his offer before the deadline. It was quite obvious that he would not play anywhere else – there is concern about where he could be sent, learn a new crime, etc. – and now Bell guarantees that he will play for Steelers on the franchise tag when he reports next week . He could pop up as soon as Wednesday, but Monday after week 9 seems like a logical time for him to pop up to work.

Dante Fowler

A former 3rd overall voter, Fowler broke up with the Jaguars after taking him in 2015 the NFL draft and his service did not end in an impressive way. Fowler missed his rookie season, fought in 2016, finally broke through with an eight bag campaign last year but has produced only two bags this year. He mired behind other guys in terms of rotation and production and now he gets a new lease of life by going to Los Angeles to work with Wade Phillips. He will be part of a defense with Ndamukong Suh, Aaron Donald and Michael Brockers on the defensive line, which should mean that at least one or two chances are to beat a man and go after the quarterback. I do not think he will solve the magic loose edge, as Rams has, but it’s as good a place as producing and saving the season before he enters the free agency. Do not love the frames that give up a third round pick for a guy who will only be an eight game rental, but I understand why they go into this season considering how things have started.

LOSERS [19659008] Arizona Cardinals

There were lots of chats about the cardinals who made movements and bring in a lot of draft picks to store for the future, and Arizona stopped standing pat. Perhaps it was winter’s power in the 49’s – Larry Fitzgerald had his first career afterwards – or maybe it was just an inflated market that made it hard for the Cardinals to gain value in return. It is also possible that they watch the roster, with guys like Deone Bucannon who do not fit the current coaching program and want to ensure that the current coaching program is still available next year when it is time to make more roster decisions. Regardless of the case, Arizona was supposed to be a big-time player at the deadline and did not stop moving anyone. It’s a bizarre move for a team that has two wins.

New York Giants

Picking up the wounded here, but the giants are one of the worst teams in football and their reality has fallen even harder on Tuesday. Not only did they wonder and watched all other teams in the division, but refugees could not take away a ton of value from the guys they would move at the deadline. The redskins landed security assistance, the cowboys landed Amari Cooper earlier this week and the eagles became better with the Tate addition. Meanwhile, the giants are clearly the worst team in this division with a large margin, having a quarterback in Eli Manning who offers more questions than answers to this stage of career, has a backup quarterback in Kyle Lauletta just quoted to avoid police officers and managed to manage Damon Harrison and Eli Apple for marginal returns.

Matthew Stafford

The Lions should be good at crime, relatively, because they still have Marvin Jones and Kenny Golladay. Detroit begins to start the race for the first time forever, using Kerryon Johnson effectively and creating a balanced crime. It has not resulted in Stafford having a large number of attempts or imagination points, but the lion is better for it as a team. Unfortunately for Stafford, he just lost his best receiving option in Tate, so the team could land a third round. Not only does it remove a guy he has developed a serious report in recent years, but it can signal that Lions does not look like a team ready to do any kind of deep driving in the NFC just yet. It is fair; There are much better teams right now. But that’s not the move you want to see if you’re the first quarterback in any team. You want to be the guy who gets the weapon.

Draft Class for 2015 for the First Time

This was supposed to be a good draft class, topped by a couple of franchise quarterbacks and it has become an absolute mess. Let’s review some of the picks:

1 Jameis Winston – Benched to Ryan Fitzpatrick several times, maybe or maybe not getting a new store

2. Marcus Mariota – Fights To Be Consistent In Tennessee

3. Dante Fowler – Traded

4. Amari Cooper – Traded

5. Brandon Scherff – GREAT PICK

6. Leonard Williams – GREAT PICK

7. Kevin White – A big bust had almost a Hail Mary once

8. Vic Beasley – Lead the league in sacks once but may not get a second contract from Atlanta

9. Ereck Flowers – Huge bust

10. Todd Gurley – GREAT PICK

It’s only top 10 – another five of the first rounds have been traded, including Marcus Peters, who goes a good line here. Melvin Gordon actually looks like a good pick now, which is a reminder not to judge guys after a year. It’s not a good look when two of the first four picks are traded in the last year of their rookie contract at the deadline. There is much about the elections.

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