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2018 Amazon Kindle Paper White Review: Read in Comfort at the Pool or Beach Review

Wireless connection : 167 x 116 x 8.18 mm and 182 grams] During the year I have had some Kindle…

Wireless connection : 167 x 116 x 8.18 mm and 182 grams] During the year I have had some Kindle models and still have the first Kindle Paper White, this is the fourth in the Paperwhite series. That model no longer has all the latest features and I left it behind for Oasis last year, without regret. Having said that, it has certainly been nice to hold and read a Kindle that is an inch narrower in width. Sometimes the oasis can be a bit difficult to hold in one hand.

The display is a touch screen and it looks amazing with great clarity and even backlight thanks to its five LEDs. There are also 24 levels of lighting. This new Paperwhite has the same 300 ppi resolution as the Kindle Oasis, and although it has five LEDs instead of 12, I’ve had a fairly consistent backlight experience while reading the airplane, in bed at a rental house and in the bed of my cruise cabin.

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I’ve also spent time reading Kindle Paperwhite at the pool and on the beach, with amazing clarity in the sunshine. As I grow older and start using reading glasses, it’s a pleasure to increase my typeface on Kindle and enjoy reading without glasses.

There are no buttons or openings at the top or two sides with a microUSB port and alarm button on the bottom. I certainly want Amazon to go to the USB C standard, but I do not need to hear it so often so there’s not much of pain finding old microUSB cables around.

This evaluation unit is a WiFi / cell model so it has been connected in both ways during the past week. Cell data is free for download and synchronization of book content.

This new Kindle Paper White adds Bluetooth to the mix so you can connect your Bluetooth headphones and enjoy Audible content. I have about 20 audible books in my collection so downloaded some to test on my vacation. Playing with the amazing Jabra Elite Active 65t headset has been flawless.

Back and edges are all soft touch material, so there is a serious grip on the device. It has not even slipped out of my hands.

You can purchase an Amazon protection measure covering one year ($ 19.99), two years ($ 24.99) or three years ($ 29.99). You can make up to three claims during the term of the plan and considering the watertightness, along with the ability to use Kindle in a wet environment, pay some more money for a protection plan sounds like a careful investment.

Amazon also has official accessories including a screen protector ($ 12.99), waterproof fabric cover ($ 29.99), leather cap ($ 39.99) and a premium leather cover ($ 59.99).

A black leather cap was sent together to test with the new Kindle Paper White. This leather cover is available in black, cobalt purple, merlot and punch red. The right side has a plastic frame that securely holds Kindle Paperwhite in place. A magnet on the back helps keep the face to the back when you have it open for reading. The cover opens as a book and wakes Kindle when you open it for reading. It’s a nice case that works reliably and protects your Kindle display when not in use.


The usability of the new Kindle Paper White is similar to what I’ve experienced at Kindle Oasis. There is an updated home experience that gives you recommendations based on your reading history, including books from Kindle Unlimited or Prime Reading. You can also view some of your reading statistics, which is interesting to fans of data.

There are a number of settings on the device to customize viewing, reading, and listening experience. Some are available from the Home screen while others are available when you read a book. You can completely customize your fonts and page settings with nine fonts, five bold, 14 font sizes, spaces, margins, orientation, customization, and more. You can customize all this and then save your current setting to a new theme so your reading experience is up to your full control.

I still can not find an option to enable a 24-hour clock, which I prefer to use on all my devices. However, you can choose to show or hide the clock while you are reading.

Other settings include reading and refreshment, languages, parental controls, Bluetooth headphone connections, and WiFi connections, parental controls, and much more compared to what appears on the screen while reading.

The top navigation bar has Home, Back, Settings, Goods, Store, Search, and Menu buttons. The fast settings give you great button access to flight mode, Bluetooth switching, synchronization, all settings, and backlit controls. The menu will take you to Kindle Store, Audible Store, Restart, Restore, Device Information, and Legal Information.

When you read a book, a button near the top top navigation bar opens with a pile below it for Pageview, Go To, and Bookmarks. A button on the menu button allows you to choose between store, vocabulary, settings, disable touch screen, notes, about this book, about the author, X-ray, long-term synchronization.

I’ve never really used the X-ray in books before, but some of the historical non-fiction books I’m reading lend me to this functionality. It’s a great way to find out more about people and vocabulary of the day as you read such books and add the reading experience.

You can choose to show your place in the book, page in book, time left in chapter or time left in the book at the bottom. You can choose nothing if you like it too. The watch can also be changed during reading.

A swipe up from the bottom while reading gives you a great quick navigation view with the ability to tap the correct icon and see thumbnails for the four pages before and four pages after where you are reading. This can be useful if you want to quickly skip the latest text.

Pressing and holding a word allows you to mark it, add a note, share it or search. The dictionary opens in a popup window on the page to display definitions. You can also move the ends of the selectors to mark or share more than just one word.

The new Kindle Paper White supports Audible Books via a Bluetooth headset. While I would love to have seen a 3.5mm headset jack, phone manufacturers also kill this standard port, so Kindle Paperwhite is understandable not to anyone, especially with a focus on getting a waterproof rating.

You can play, pause, skip or jump forward using the Kindle Audible play screen. You can adjust your speed and add bookmarks as well. The sound is playing loud and clear through my Bluetooth headset, but you can not go back to the home screen to browse the bookstore or read together while listening. The sound stops if you move from Audible Book, which is a bit unfortunate sometimes.

Price and Competition

The 8 GB WiFi WiFi Amazon Kindle Paper White is available for $ 129.99 with special offers. Hope for 32GB costs $ 30, hop for mobile connection is $ 70, and if you want to remove special offers from the lock screen, you can pay Amazon $ 20.

Amazon now offers free 6-month free Kindle Unlimited service for free with a new purchase by Kindle Paperwhite. There are almost $ 60 savings there, so this is a great time to get a new Kindle Paper White.

Daily User Experiences and Conclusions

Last year’s Kindle Oasis was an easy explanation for me because I wanted a waterproof Kindle to take everywhere with me. Having that device motivated me to try the Kindle Unlimited service that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed in recent months when I come back to my love to read.

The new Kindle Paper White provides the peace of mind and security of a waterproof device at a much lower entry price than Kindle Oasis. As much as I like to use it, the physical buttons in Oasis will stick with that device for a handy page.

While you can read Kindle books on many other devices, 2009, I wrote the distraction-free single-purpose devices that Kindle gives you a much better reading experience. When I read, I want to have at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted time focusing on the book and transporting me to the world in which the book takes place. This is better than a virtual reality experience for me and it takes a dedicated ebook reader to take me there.

The new Kindle Paper White is a solid development in the Kindle ecosystem. Amazon not only added waterproofing to Kindle, but updated the design and offers customers more capacity at a reasonable price.

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