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189 Rescue Dead in Indonesia's Planning Chess, Addition to the Country's Troubling Record

Danang Mandala Prihantoro, a Lion Air official, said in a statement that the aircraft was new and only been in…

Danang Mandala Prihantoro, a Lion Air official, said in a statement that the aircraft was new and only been in service since August.

“Lion Air is very concerned about this incident and will cooperate with relevant authorities and all parties,” said Danang, adding that the airline had established hotlines for passenger relatives to request information.

Edward Sirait, director of Lion Air, said that the same plan had experienced an unspecified technical problem during the flight on Sunday from Bali to Jakarta, but that the issue had been resolved “according to the procedure.”

There was no immediate word of accidents from early Monday afternoon, but Muhammad Syauqi, head of the National Search and Rescue Service, reported that body parts had been found around the crash site.

The cause of the crash was not clear.

FlightRadar24, a flight tracking service, said it had analyzed preliminary satellite navigation igation data from the flight showing “increased speed” and “high descent” from the planet’s latest broadcast.

The data released by FlightRadar24 showed that Monday’s flight started and in the beginning rises to what would be a normal height. But within a few minutes the planet suddenly plunged 500 feet and banked to the left in an unusual flight pattern. The aircraft then rose and leveled before it turned out to be a sharp descent in the Java Sea.

“The irregular route causes us to suspect a problem with the pitotastic system,” said Gerry Soejatman, an Indonesian aviation scientist, referring to the instruments used to record airborne airborne speed and height.

Mr. Soejatman said he had looked at flight data from Sunday’s flight and noted a “similarly uneven level and problem with the country road”, which led to suspicion that a problem with the instruments had also been a problem.

Several air accidents have been blamed for blockages or other problems with pitot pipes, a probe on the outside of the aircraft, resulting in incorrect speed or altitude readings, said Soejatman.

Soerjanto Thanjono, head of Indonesia’s National Transport Safety Committee, said at a news briefing on Monday that the weather had been sunny and clear.

After the plane went off, the wind speed was only five knots between the heights of 10,000 and 24,000 feet, “said Dwikorita Karnawati, director of the Indonesian Meteorology Agency, Climatology and Geophysics.

Boeing said in a statement that it was “deeply sad” and was ready to help investigators. “We express our concern for those on board and extend heartfelt sympathy to their families and dear.”

Lion Air said in a statement on Monday that the captain of the flight, Capt. Bhavye Suneja, an Indian citizen, had more than 6000 flight hours and that the mediator, which runs under the only name, Harvino, had more than 5,000 flight hours.

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