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16 reasons to watch the 2018 World Series

The World Series 2018 is here, and you do not have to look at it. It's the world series, you…

The World Series 2018 is here, and you do not have to look at it. It’s the world series, you goober. It’s Boston Red Sox vs. Los Angeles Dodgers, two historically significant, rich power plants made up with talent. Take a week or two of work and relax a little. Look at the danged series.

However, there is the slightest chance that you are not excited or need a little more convincing. I can help with that. Below are some extremely compelling reasons for watching the World Series. Do you want storylines? Player? Drama? This world series has a lot of it, and I have curated the 16 points that I would wholeheartedly recommend.

These are 1

6 reasons why you should be very excited about the World Series 2018:

Mookie Betts [19659005] I hereby declare that Mookie Betts is the most wise baseball player Alive. This is a huge honor. There will be a small ceremony and reception to follow. To be the most attentive Baseball player Alive, you need all six tools:

  • Turns On Average
  • Turns On Contact
  • Baseball / Speed ​​
  • Fielding
  • Arm
  • Playing Baseball As You Think Constantly “Hello, I’m playing baseball right now. This is amazing.”

Ichiro had the six tools. Andrew McCutchen had the six tools. Francisco Lindor has the six tools. Mike Trout has the six tools, but he is only reserved to make people argue about the last one.

Mookie Betts has the six tools. And they are not subtle tools. His battleground is stellar, and his power swing is a tightly flushed beauty. His speed is the elite, as well as his reach in the right. His throw to neighbor Tony Kemp in Game 5 in ALCS was one of the most ruthless things I’ve ever seen in a baseball field.

Then there is sixth tool. Dude has fun and it looks like he likes baseball. When he sends a 30-year World Series game, I do not think he will spend a lot of time talking about golf. Like Ichiro and McCutchen in front of him, and like Lindor and maybe a couple of others today, there is a sense of wonders that go with his all-time talent. It makes an eminently watchable player just so much more attentive.

Oh, there is also a seventh tool: People my height or shorter get bonus points. Betts would still be the most alerted baseball player Alive if he was as big as Carlos Correa, for sure. But putting him in a body that would fit a 1959 Topps card is a very nice touch.

Game 1 is Chris Sale vs. Clayton Kershaw

I plan to return to this idea at some point in this world series, so I save most of my bullets, but we are at a time when the starting litter does not have to be the story of the game. Five-and-one dives used to be a scary way of describing the blind link in a rotation; Now it’s organizational expectation in many cases. Just take us through five, and we’ll take it from there .

With Game 1, however, we get a treatment. Both of these pots are expected to go deeper into the game, just like the ancient times of 2013. Both of these pots will bite off his boss’s ear if he thinks he is taken out too early. There is a chance – maybe one percent risk – that both guns throw so well and economically that they still rise in the eighth inning. It may be a half percent chance that they will still be there in ninth and I can not express how incredible that kind of World Series game would be.

It would be that kind of World Series game that we still remember years later. I can not really tell you about Game 7 in the 2017 World Series, which I both participated in and wrote 3,000 words, but I can probably grow rhapsodic about Game 5. I’ve probably forgotten more about the 2014 World Series than I remember, but I can almost give you a game-by-game of Game 7.

Sales vs Kershaw have a chance to be that kind of game, even if it’s a bit unlikely.

(And there may be a game 4 and maaaaybe a game 7 too.)

To see Yasiel Puig take a bit out of the third bass like it was a big ol marshmallow

It should You always look for Puig doing something that makes you call someone from the other room.

It does not have to be Puig to take a piece of a bass. It’s only probable scenario. He can also put the tarp all over the infield after trying to catch an ugly ball. Do not ask how, just know it’s quite possible to read the following in Joe Buck’s voice:

But! Kenley Jansen has been admitted twice as many home runs this year, he has ever allowed for a season. Kimbrel’s excursions have made hearts ever this fall season, as if they were calling a phone in the middle of the night. Behind the two closers, both teams have a mix of quality and above average arms, all complemented by regular seasonality in the very best post-season traditions. Both layers can go deep.

But Josh Hader does not come through this stone door. Red Sox and Dodgers have two completely dominant bulls between them, and both of these probes have looked fatal sometimes this year. Everything indicates that we can participate in at least one or two chaos games, and if there is something we learned last year, chaos is the best .

Fenway Park

Dodger Stadium is a surprise in itself, but it can not compete with screwed dimensions. Fenway is equipped with a giant wall that runs “WHUMP” or “CLORNG” when a ball ricochetises it, often in an unexpectedly loose way. It is also the park where household tracks look the absolute best and offer the unique aesthetic experience to see the ball sail over a huge structure and into the abyss of the end of the world. What I’ve always believed is at least behind the green monster. Please do not correct me.

Red Sox has been successful in recent years that Fenway Park is not an October anomaly, so it’s not just a new idea to watch a World Series there. But there are “WHUMP” and “CLORNG”, and there are Fielders still playing the balls right out of the wall, and there are still Fielders like … do not.

Additionally, there is a hilarious little wall on the other side of the field, allowing players to dive in combined with a field in the high field approximately 38 meters from the home. There is no ballpark in baseball that is better to enter the game than Fenway, and one of the best reasons to love baseball is that it is a sport where the arena is assumed to enter the game.

What I get is that Super Bowl needs to be played at a stadium with a moat in the middle of the field. A big moat.

Redfield’s External Defense

The superior “three centerfielders” can be overused as the “three athletic fast dudes” shorthand, but it is quite rare to find a true three-CF field. Not only today, either. It’s hard to find many of them throughout the baseball story.

The Red Sox, however, has one of them. We have already talked about Betts, but one of the reasons he is at the center is that it is equally satisfying to see Jackie Bradley, Jr. slide around. Andrew Benintendi is the weak link to the bundle, except he is fully qualified to start in the middle of a challenging major league team, and he also happens to be the one who made a remarkable pennant-winning catch that will be displayed in highlights until society collapses. So, two months then.

But it will be a wild two months, and the contrast between Fenway Park and Dodger Stadium means you’ll see them shine in a few different formats. You get the acoustic and electrical sets.

Yasmani Grandal, wyd

Most of these blurreds have been the reasons why these two teams are here and 28 other teams are not. But there must be one who is for the ghouls out there, the people who swear in pain and suffering. These twisted people will find a compelling storyline with Grandal, which is usually a sweet-moving captivator who can trap his position perfectly well.


Something happens to Grandal in the afterseason. Or if you want to be a real state, you can hedge with something appears to happen to Grandal in the afterseason, but the sample sizes are small.

They are not as small. Over 85 plates, Grandal now manages .100 / .250 / .200 in his postseason career. Of the eight post-season series, he played his best batting in the fair NLCS against Milwaukee. To be more specific, his .182 average in the latest series was the best of his rather extensive career.

This is all before entering the Grandals field. It’s the kind of field that makes Mary Hart scream at you.

And that’s a special kind of fielding. This fall season, Grandal has let wild places sneak and has also allowed some of the most egregious crossed balls throughout the 2018 season. Will it continue? Does not see why it should, but … you should probably be a little curious.

Manny Machado, Acting Heel

I wrote about this in detail, but the most important thing is that Machado is perfect for being a completely unaware villain. When he kicked Jesús Aguílar in the ankle, I do not think he thought, “Yes, screw this guy.” He was looking for an advantage. Maybe if he does, the judges will only give him first! It’s an almost engaging brand optimism, except all the parts that are annoying.

It also seems that Boston fans have … let’s see, hmmmm, yes, it’s just here that they are aware of him and have opinions to share. Awesome. Opinions are great. Manny Machado is great. Everything is fine, yes.

Walker Buehler

Do I like fire-sparking beginners because he’s kidding fire and throwing baseballs hard? Yes. This is a good reason to look at him.

Do I like sparkling rookie because it can be incredibly intense watching a beginner realize that he puts in the World Freaking Series and grabs the ball just like much harder? Yes. This is a good reason to look at any preternaturally talented rookie.

Both the positive and negative results would be a story. One night is good in that regard. I would also like to take this time to note that Walker Buehlers start in the 163th season season won me $ 150 in my imagination and I used this money to buy an Instant Pot ™. I have cooked an amazing white bean chili and chicken noodle soup so far and every bit I thought of both Buehlers unexplained talent and the fact that the dummies in my league did not have the vision of choosing a top view in a well-managed organization playing in a pot’s park.

I mean, come on.

Although FOX refers to Dave Roberts stealing of another bass over 100 times, you get a free taco from Taco Bell *

Did you know that Dave Roberts stole a bass in the 2004 American League Championship Series? It’s true. It was in the ninth game of Game 4, and it helped spark a ninth-inning comeback against Mariano Rivera.

Dave Roberts is head of Dodger’s now you see.

Dodgers play Red Sox.

That means FOX develops the technology to make you recognize that you’ve seen the pinnacle of Dave Roberts who steals a bass in ALCS.

Wait, but my TV has no touch screen …

does not matter! Push the button. Puuuuuush button. Confirm that you have seen this message. Well, too late you were too slow, so here’s the highlight again.

* Probably

There are David Price and Clayton Kershaw stories to settle.

Both pots knew that some monkeys were back in their respective LCS, and you would think it would be the end of all careful review for postseason careers of both kites. Ahahaha, that’s not how this works. Simple stories just ask us to consider the minimum information available to give an opinion . That means I do not need to remember these LCS performances if I want to grumble about either pot. I’ve already forgotten them, sucking! Going straight back to “David Price and Clayton Kershaw can not win in the afterseason”!

That is unfair. But, this adds spice to the fall season’s story. Last year, in game 5 of the World Series, Kershaw had a four-lead lead and looked invincible. Then there was the boasting voice on the back of all our heads that reminded us that there were still demons to kill. The demons were not killed. There was a bit of demon still embedded in the skin, and they sucked regenerate quickly and without mercy.

I’m not sure how a Price-Kershaw matchup really would happen, so we’re taking them a la carte for now. These extremely talented and good launchers have some of the reputation. I think baseball is better if they throw it, but one of them probably will not. That’s the odds.


Specifically, I want two things:

1. Shots of celebrities in the Dodger Stadium audience. In particular, I’m talking about actual celebrities – Mary Hart, hi follow me on Twitter – and celebrities starting in the new FOX sitcom Kizzards wednesdays at 9:00. These celebrities are endlessly entertaining for me, because I’m someone who does not really consume entertainment that’s not baseball. This is because they block all non-baseball content from being transferred to the cell they hold me in the WELCOME RADIO TO HELP IF YOU CAN READ THIS COMMUNICATION so that I live vicariously through these FOX shots.

2nd Shot of drunk Fenway bros screaming, “AND” PEOPLE GET A PIZZER “but not referring to the actual event. They just say” and “ERE COMES A PIZZER” unironically because they actually try to convey that a pizza is actually heading to its destination.

Both of these are large. I’m also very involved in some shadows if you have little. I suppose Fenway will be higher than Dodger Stadium, but I guess Fenway is not as high as usual because the World Series is when Corporate Dinks comes out. They got tickets from Cody in the outside sales. Do not ask how, haha. They look forward to seeing the crowning event for MLB. They all know who Mookie Best is, just ask them.

Dodger Stadium Organist

This is not the main reason to watch the World Series, but seriously Dodger’s organizer is amazing. Dieter Ruehle puts an enormous effort in his craft, doing his best to subtly dig the opponents with their mid-at-bat song choices. Will Chris Sale get an original version of the Scissor sisters? Or does he get Belly’s Feed the Tree as a nick to his stomach infection ? Do not know, but I know Ruehle is busy investigating things right now.

He will play “Brass Monkey” when Max Muncy is up if he does not play the overworld theme to Legend of Zelda . Do not worry. But he will also reach the other team for a while.

Think of him as a partisan college crowd that does oppo research, but … much, much milder and bright.

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