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14 Hilarious Thanksgiving TV Episodes We are still grateful for

ABC Modern Family Season sixs "Three Turkeys" are quite modern family at best. Jay and Gloria want to spend it…


Season sixs “Three Turkeys” are quite modern family at best. Jay and Gloria want to spend it alone, so they do not tell the family that their trip has been interrupted, resulting in some extreme hyinks when everyone else wants to have dinner in their house anyway. Every time Phil and Luke are paired together is brilliant, and it’s even better when everything ends with the whole family together.


The season two episode “Parents” featured Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner as Jess’s parents, who she desperately tried parental source with a complicated schedule of Thanksgiving dinners. It’s a classic episode, just enhanced by these guest stars.

<img src = “” class = “image – full lazy-load__img js-lazy-load” style = “max-width: 877px” data-width = “877 “data-height =” 650 “data-src =” = nin-nine makes thanksgiving every season, but the first one with the title “thanksgiving” can summarize the group best Amy Melissa Fumero ) is planning a big Thanksgiving dinner just so she can give a bowl to Captain Holt ( Andre Braugher ) about how much he means for her, but Holt and Jake Andy Samberg ), who hates Thanksgiving as part of his serious cardboard issues, has to leave a fall and everyone else is left with a full dinner made of baking soda instead of salt and sending a hungry Terry ( Terry Crews ) in hysterics. It’s insane and magnificent, as always.


Huang’s first Floridian Thanksgiving back in season two was a radiant mess, thanks to sabotage from Jessica’s sister and some very live cornish hens. Turkey can not be cooked with a hair dryer, but Jessica tried her best, and it’s a lovely watch.


Who does not love an origin section? In “More Like Stanksgiving”, the Happy Endings gang returned how they all met after Max ( Adam Pally ) found the lost season of The Real World he was on with Brad Damon Wayans Jr. ]

Gilmore Girls

In the season three episodes “A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving”, Lorelai ( Lauren Graham ) and Rory Alexis Bledel ) must balance four different thanksgiving eateries: Richard and Emilys, Kims, Lukas and Sookies. Hijinks follows naturally, but Gilmore Girls does what’s best here and balances the comedy with the offer, dramatic moments.


Friends Love Thanksgiving. Like, really loved Thanksgiving. Rachel Jennifer Aniston ), Phoebe ( Lisa Kudrow Ross ( David Schwimmer (19459025) David Schwimmer (19459025) ), Chandler ( Matthew Perry ) and Joey ( Matt LeBlanc ) revive their worst Thanksgiving. This meant that feta Monica, Rachel’s old nose, and Ross Mustasch turned out. And who could forget about Monica wearing turkey? It’s an iconic image that has transcribed Friends

Gary Null / NBCU Photo Bank

Geller competitiveness was out in full force during the season three classic “The One With the Football”. Just look at that picture, you can play the whole episode in your head, can not you?


Like Friends Bob’s Burgers is about Thanksgiving episodes. Exhibition’s First Episode in Turkey Day, “An Incessant Thanksgiving Proposal,” presented Belchers (sans Bob) pretending to be Mr Fischoeders family. Obviously it was not as simple as it is Bob’s Burgers things go crazy in the best possible way.



Does anything ever go as planned on It’s always sunny in Philadelphia ? In “The Gang Squashes Their Beefs”, the lovely, but terrible, Paddy’s Pub people gather their enemies in an attempt to fix the last nine seasons of terrible behavior. Of course, it’s not okay.



Not your typical hilarious Thanksgiving episode, but The Master of None s “Thanksgiving” was certainly memorable. The payout from Season Two of Netflix Comedy Written by Aziz Ansari and Lena Waithe charted Denise’s edition for several family dinners. The episode won an Emmy to write, rightly. Plus, Angela Bassett has a good performance.


Office packed as much in “” as Ryan] BJ Novak ) dare fall apart, Dwight s ( Rainn Wilson ]) hay maze and autumn competition.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving episode?

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