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11th child dies for virus outbreak at Wanaque Facility

PASSAIC COUNTY, NJ – An eleventh child died of adenovirus after an outbreak at Wanaque Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation…

PASSAIC COUNTY, NJ – An eleventh child died of adenovirus after an outbreak at Wanaque Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation in Haskell.

The child died on a North American hospital on Thursday night, said the State Department for Health in a news release. The child was among 34 children diagnosed with the adenovirus since September 26th. (See Related: 10th Kid Dies, 28th Sickened From Adenovirus In Wanaque Facility)

“The sorrow for loss of a child is overwhelming and we extend our deepest sympathies with this family and all families who have had to endure these horrible losses “said New Jersey Health Commissioner, Dr. Shereef Elnahal.

The state Wednesday forbade new patients to enter the rehab facility due to “serious infection control defects” cited in ongoing inspections, the department stated in a press release. It will remain in force until the center complies with the directives specified by the state.

The state health authorities were notified of the virus at the plant October 9th. The state began to monitor the situation on October 1

[19659002] A report released by the New Jersey Department of Health last week revealed declines in hand washing and infection control during a surprise inspection earlier this month. See Related: Report Details Nurses and other staff did not wash their hands between moving the equipment attached to the patients and themselves or other equipment, nor did they wash any hands in the 20 seconds they should have after that, the report reported.

Adenovirus is typically a family of viruses that often cause mild disease, especially in young children. But this particular strain of adenovirus (# 7) affects medically fragile children with severely compromised immune systems.

Adenovirus can cause mild to severe disease, but severe disease is less common. People with weakened immune systems or existing respiratory or heart disease are at higher risk of developing severe disease from an adenovirus infection, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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