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11 Food and Drinks Often You Consume Make Brittle Bones

loading... Read more about 11 Food and Drinks Often You Consume Make Brittle Bones.You must already know that calcium and…


Read more about 11 Food and Drinks Often You Consume Make Brittle Bones.You must already know that calcium and vitamin D are needed to build strong bones. But what you probably do not know is that there are foods or drinks that we often consume, it can reduce bone density and increase the risk of osteoporosis.This article provides information about Food and Drinks Often You Consume Make Brittle Bones. Let’s see below here.

Food and Drinks Often You Consume Make Brittle Bones:

Then what is Food and Drinks Often You Consume Make Brittle Bones? Make sure you see the following info carefully, because there are some things you should pay attention to.

1. Too much animal protein

You need protein to form a solid bone. But, when you consume too much protein, the body will produce a compound called sulfate that causes calcium out of the bone. This effect is more prevalent in the consumption of animal protein than vegetable.In a study conducted by Nurses Health Study II, led by Harvard Medical School, it was found that those who ate red meat at least five times a week were at greater risk of fractures than those who ate red meat only once a week. The study was conducted on 116,686 women for 10 years.

2. caffeine

In a recent study conducted by the Swedish Department of Toxicology’s National Food Administration, found that women who drank 330 milligrams of caffeine or more per day – equivalent to about four cups of coffee, had an increased risk of fractures.The study was conducted on 31,527 women aged 40-76 years. This risk mainly occurs in women who have low consumption of calcium.The researchers found no association between tea consumption and increased risk of fractures. One reason, probably because the tea caffeine content is only half of coffee.

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3. Beware of phosphorus

Recently, the Framingham Osteoporosis Study measured bone mineral density in the back and hip of 1,413 women and 1,125 men compared with their frequency of light drinking.The researchers concluded that soft drinks and diet soda can cause bone loss in women. These findings prove, that which can mengkoposkan bones not only caffeine but also phosphorus in the drink.”The relationship between Cola and bone loss, could be because substitution of milk soda reduces calcium intake,” says Kristine Cuthrell, RD, nutritionist and project coordinator for the Cancer Research Center of Hawaii at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu.


4. Keep an eye on retinol vitamins

The Nurses Health Study II study found that women taking 3,000mcg or more of vitamin A were twice as likely to have hip fractures as women who consumed 1500 mcg or less of vitamin A.Although vitamin A is needed for bone growth, too much vitamin A retinol will interfere with vitamin D absorption, which in turn causes bone loss.

5. Avoid excessive alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol will also cause a decrease in bone density, as alcohol interferes with the absorption of calcium and vitamin D.To reduce the risk of osteoporosis, limit alcohol intake to no more than one drink a day or better avoid it altogether.

6. Lack of fruit and vegetables

“Low-fruit and vegetable diets and high in animal protein and carbohydrates, will tend to produce mild acidosis over time, can significantly contribute to bone loss,” says Cuthrell.”How to neutralize acid production is by eating lots of fruits and vegetables – this is an important key to reducing the risk of bone loss as you get older.”A balanced and healthy diet can sometimes be complicated when you try to maintain your bone health.However, taking calcium daily according to the recommended amount, to offset the loss of calcium caused by other foods, is a good way to prevent bone loss.

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7. Salt

salt Food and Drinks Often You Consume Make Brittle Bonesthis makes us all so confused. It turns out that salt can drain calcium from bone and make it fragile. Means from now on, do not consume too much salt. Use other alternatives that taste salty, like cheese that is good for the body because there is calcium from milk.

8. Soft Drinks

Each high-soda drink contains phosphoric acid. This can cause the amount of calcium in the bone to be wasted through the urine. Should avoid soda drinks and replace them with mineral water.

9. Unsaturated fats

It turns out that unsaturated fats can destroy the vitamin K needed by the bone to remain strong. This unsaturated fat exists in all fried foods, ice cream, beef, frozen baked goods, biscuits, popcorn, and margarine.

10. Caffeine

But the dangers posed to the bone are not as salt. Amazingly, research reveals caffeine in coffee is harmful to bone, but caffeine in tea can actually make bones stronger. Especially for women who are elderly.

11. Soybeans

the results of soy preparations also proved to be healthy. But it turns out that soybeans contain oxolates. If these substances are mixed with calcium it can prevent calcium from being absorbed by the bone.Now you already know the info about Food and Drinks Often You Consume Make Brittle Bones that can help and useful for you …

11 Food and Drinks Often You Consume Make Brittle Bones
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