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11, asteroid skull dangerously closer to the ground, scientist

November 12, 2018 Science 0 Views Stone | November 10, 2018 | News |This heavenly body is a dead comet.…

Stone | November 10, 2018 | News |
This heavenly body is a dead comet. According to many researchers, it is now the biggest space threat to the earth.
Asteroid skull was discovered by researchers in 2015. According to researchers, it is dangerous to come close to the earth today, November 11th.
The name of this hiker in the universe was due to its specific form, which resembles a human skull.
November 11, it is necessary that it runs in a relatively “painless” rendezvous with the planet. He will fly from the ground at a distance of about 25 million kilometers. However, it continues to shrink rapidly.
Asteroid skull larger than the size of Tunguska meteorite 8 times. On this basis, it is difficult to imagine it than to face the earth collision with him.
However, the actual danger of asteroid skull, according to the estimates presented, presents only 2082 years.
Thus, the clairvoyant Vanga was not referred to this asteroid. She predicted for 201

9 a major problem for the earth from a collision with a cosmic body.
Maybe she said that a direct confrontation will not happen, but stranger Universe will fly so close that it will cause many disasters on the planet.
It turns out that asteroids murdered a real carousel around the world.
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