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10th World War I changed the world 100 years ago

November 11, 2018 Health 0 Views By Marianne Scully | [email protected] | Published November 11, 2018 at 07:00 Hulton Archive April 29, 1917: Scottish troops continuing in the attack near Arras, during the Somme battle. British troops suffered a loss of life on the first day of the battle with 57 470 accidents. [Photo of Hulton Archive / Getty Images] For the Americans, it ended at the 11th of the 11th day with a ceremony shot by Battery E, 11th Field Artillery. "The men were too exhausted to rejoice," writes Kevin Hymel for, but they were easy to survive some of the toughest battles ever seen in US military history. "First World War, known as Great War, had been a war like no other, for both the allied and axic forces stuck in muddy trenches for four long years – its bloodbath is the prime example of war's absurdity. Technical Progress – Machines and poisonous gas – murdered and killed in unprecedented numbers. The farm field was forever transformed into cemeteries. Some reasons are too toxic to use 100 years later. Despite the terrible number of deaths – 9.7 million military and 10 million civilians – It does not turn out to be the war to end all war. Instead, it seemed like a number of events that, like mortal dominoes, would change the course of history. Anonymous On this 1918 photograph provided by the National Museum of Heath, influenza victims to an acute hospital at Camp Funston, a…

By Marianne Scully | [email protected] | Published November 11, 2018 at 07:00

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