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10 GB a month free with Vodafone for buying a mobile in installments


Far away are the times where operators subsidized the purchase of smartphones in exchange for periods of permanence. Since then, it is evident that the sale of telephones by the major operators in the market has suffered, but Vodafone wants to re-incentivize the purchase of mobiles in installments .

Xataka reveals the new promotion of Vodafone that, contrary to what many might think, will not use SuperPass to attract new customers, but will directly give GB per month for all users who come to the operator’s stores to buy a mobile installment. Specifically, Vodafone offers 10 GB per month to all those who accept payment in installments when buying a new smartphone with the company.

10 GB a month free with Vodafone for buying a mobile in installments

It should be noted that this new campaign of Vodafone It is a promotion, not a new strategy that will be maintained over time. We do not know how long it will last, because at the moment it is a promotion this month, but of course it seems that it is not an offer that will last forever. The conditions do not go beyond buying a mobile in installments with the operator to get 10 GB extra for 12 months. this data will be added to the GB that you already have contracted in your Vodafone tariff. Yes, it only applies to the company’s Network rates.

Vodafone is not the first operator that offers free GB when it comes to buying a mobile phone in installments, since a few months ago Orange launched the SmartGB campaign that was improving the conditions that offers users to hire the Orange Love and Orange Go rates with a mobile paid in installments. This promotion also offered up to 10 GB free for customers of the mentioned rates.

Free GB on Vodafone

The promotion of 10 GB a month free with Vodafone for buying a mobile phone in installments is not the only one that increases the data of all the customers of the operator, since a couple of days ago it announced a increase of GB of Vodafone tariffs at zero cost . In this case, the fees Vodafone Red M and Vodafone Red L those that offer 2 and 5 GB more to the clients respectively maintaining the same cost of their monthly invoice.

Now it is time to wait sitting down to see how competitors of the operator such as Movistar or Yoigo counter with their new batch of offers.