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'Super Smash Bros.' Fan Recovers Difficult Fighter Victory Poses In Real Life

By Tyler Fischer– November 25, 2018 1; Reddit user Zuko2000 – has shared a video of him trying a few…

1; Reddit user Zuko2000 – has shared a video of him trying a few of the more elaborate victory routines from Super Smash Bros . on 3DS and Wii U (also known as Super Smash Bros. 4 ). The video was quickly shot to the top of the game’s official Reddit page, and at the moment of publishing, has over 10K votes up.

The video is pretty short, but feature s the Reddit user somehow – emphasis on somehow – replicating the winning animations of Sonic, Captain Falcon, and Bayonetta. The latter is particularly impressive.

I tried to recreate a few Smash 4 victory poses, but just ended up with a sore back and a lot of back burns … (shoutout to you / Emcochingco for originally starting this trend) from r / smash Bros.

According to the Reddit user, to master the various moves took a considerable amount of time and practice. In fact, just to get the Bayonetta windmills down pat took roughly a year’s worth of practice.

As you may know, Zuko2000 is not the only one to recreate Super Smash Bros . victory animations in real life. Earlier this year, YouTube channel Martin Cochingco posted a couple of videos doing the same thing that caught fire.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is released to release next month on December 7 via the Nintendo Switch.

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