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'Fallout 76' Live Action Trailer Is Filled With Good Vibes and Destruction

[embedded content]It looks like Bethesda's promotional push for Fallout 76 is underway. Between the B.E.T.A. That's kicking off shortly on…

It looks like Bethesda’s promotional push for Fallout 76 is underway. Between the B.E.T.A. That’s kicking off shortly on PS4 and PC and the one that’s already done well on Xbox One, the publisher has premiered a new trailer during this evening’s Vikings game, one that’s decidedly live action and filled with good vibes. And destruction, of course.

Set to the tune of the Beach Boys classic “Would not It Be Nice,” the trailer features a bunch of happy people (and a … sloth?) Letting loose on enemies that come to them. Det er overraskende gleeful, mens det samme tidspunkt er jam-packet med den slags handling, vi kan forvente fra det fulde spillet i løbet af et par uger.

The trailer starter med en kvinde , before cutting to a pair of soldiers in heavy armor, shooting at foes flying and running at them in the midst of evening.

Then we see more of the team come together later on, walking through what appears to be a jungle environment as they wait to see what enemies are charging at them.

They then take a seat around a campfire, where they suddenly see an unexpected visitor creep up on them &#821

1; only to have him accidentally get burned and leave them laughing for a little bit.

After seeing one more glimpse of soldiers meeting up, we see several watch a nuclear explosion before a big winged creature appears, ready to challenge whatever they have to throw at him. We then see the logo, followed by a reveal of the Xbox One cover art and the reminder for B.E.T.A. Access, which is happening now on that system.

Considering that the commercial started with an Xbox One logo, it looks like that particular version could be getting focus from both Bethesda and Microsoft;

All the same, no matter what platform you’re getting it for, Fallout 76 but you can not expect the PS4 version to be left out, as Sony probably has its own game plan as well. looks like it will be a lot of fun. The game arrives on November 14 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Watch the trailer above and get happy!

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