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'Destiny 2' Leak Reveals a Cinematic That Means Big Things for the Future

By Liana 'LiLi' Ruppert– December 1, 2018 [embedded content] Though Destiny 2 had a very tumultous first year post-launch, it…

Though Destiny 2 had a very tumultous first year post-launch, it seems that The Forsaken was the sequel’s version of Taken King by how much of a 180 effect it had on the player base as a whole. With the Destiny community excited once more for the MMO, a new leak has surfaced which could potentially mean big things for the future ahead.

The below leak contains a massive spoiler for Forsaken, be warned.

For those who have played the latest expansion, the entire premise of The Forsaken revolves around the avenging of Cayde-6’s untimely death, a death by the Prince Wool Sov. Players find out that Sov is also a victim of manipulation &#821

1; the entire expansion is essentially a giant gray area.

Black Armory According to a recent datamine, it looks like Sov will be resurrected – possibly during the upcoming DLC that will be dropping soon. Men det er ikke bare Sov pulling a Lazareth som er stor nyheter, det er at han er revived by a Ghost. The best part? The Ghost’s name is Pulled Pork.

As seen in the leaked clip above, Sov is back but he does not have his memories. This set up the perfect narrative for how both Zavala and Ikora will respond to the newest Guardian member in the light of Cayde-6’s murder.

Destiny Destiny This plot coincides with a previous leak that shows off a much darker game, as well as plans for a third installment. According to various reports, Destiny 3 is already in development, which would make the upcoming DLC ​​a huge starter for the bigger story ahead.

Destiny 2 It’s interesting to see how much has evolved. The team over at Bungie faced a lot or backlash about the lack of end-game content and what some perceived as deceptive practices regarding the in-game purchases. With each expansion and extensive update, the team slowly released the game that many were hoping for, with Forsaken finally bringing back that excited four to the community.

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